Surgical Consumables

  • Plastic Hospital Holloware


    Bed Pan


    Breast Pump

    Dispensing Cup

    Douche Can Set

    Douche Can Set

    Forceps Jar


    Kidney Tray

    Spittoon Mug

    Steam Inhaler

    Thermometer Jar

    Trays - Instruments/Kidney

    Urinal Pot


    Urinal Pot


    Vaporizer Sleek

  • Anaesthesia

    Three Way Stop Cock

    3 Way Stopcock with Extension Line

    Catheter Mount

    Closed Wound Suction Unit

    EndoTracheal Tube Cuffed Nasal/Oral

    Endotracheal Tubes Non-Toxic PVC

    Guedel Airways

    Infant Mucus Extractor

    Nasal Oxygen Cannula Twin Bore Oxygen

    Oxygen Mask (Adult & Child)

    Peritoneal Dialysis Set

    Suction Catheter Closed System

    Suction Catheter

    Tracheostomy Tube

    Yankaur Suction Set with Standard Handle

  • Gastroenterology

    Colostomy Kit

    Infant Feeding Tube

    Kehrs T Tube

    Levins Tube - Stomach Tube

    Rectal Catheter

    Ryles Tube

    Ryle's/Nasogastric Tube Silicon Elastomer Coated

    Salem Sump Tube/Irrigation Tube Gastro Duodenal


Other Additional Product Lines

Intra Gastric Balloon

Weight loss Balloon, inserted during gastroscopy.

Hospital Furniture

Locally manufactured - Covering a wide range of Hospital and Theatre based products.